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Imagine the scenario: you get a call at midnight. A crying loved one on the phone tells you they were arrested for drunk driving or a drug charge. They’re scared, and they want to get home. They need your help to post bail so they can return home.

What do you do in that situation? You can liquidate all your assets and struggle to pay the entire bail amount. Or you can contact a bail bonds company that can get your relative out much easier, faster, more respectful, and cheaper.


Many bail bondsmen are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, so you’ll have someone you can call no matter what time of day you need assistance. With banks, you might have to wait over the weekend, after the holiday, or until morning just to have access to the money you need to pay bail. With a bail bond company, that’ll never be a problem.

Quick Release

When it comes to the justice system, the process can often be unfortunately slow. If you want to get a relative out of jail, you must take measures to hasten that process. Bail bondsmen will have built relationships with the court system throughout their job, which can assist in expediting the efforts to release your loved one from the county jail, allowing them to return to their life.

Better Treatment

It’s a sad truth, but sometimes when trying to get money to pay bail, there may be a stigma attached to it and people who wish to shame you or your loved one. A bank may judge you, but a bail agent will be respectful and understanding. Everyone’s story is different, and everyone makes mistakes. They deserve respect.

Only Pay a Percentage of Bail

With bail bonds, you won’t be paying the total amount. Instead, you’ll pay a percentage of the total bail amount. If the arrestee shows up for every court date, that will be the only thing you will have to pay to the bail bondsman. The other bonus to using a bail bond agent is that you can usually pay the fee using a credit card, which is often unavailable if you’re paying the full bail on your own.


Need to Get Your Loved One Out of Jail?

If you or a loved one needs assistance from a bail bonds agency right this moment, please feel free to contact us at 24/7 Bail Bonds. Our bail bonds agents are known for their quick and courteous customer service. We see the range of fear and stress our clients are under, and we do our best to keep them informed on their options and how they can help their loved ones. We serve many counties throughout Southeast Georgia and are open 4 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We recommend reading through our frequently asked questions page if you have further questions.