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The bail system in the United States has been in the news quite a bit in the last few years. Whether you agree with the system itself or not, there is one important fact that many overlook. Bail bonds agents across the country are helping people every day continue to live their lives after an arrest. Here are just a few ways we, as bondsmen, are here to help when citizens find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

What is Bail?

When a person is arrested, before their full trial, they are brought before a judge for arraignment. Here, the magistrate will make sure that the defendant understands the charges and their rights. The court will also determine if the defendant should be released or held for trial.

If release is allowed, the court will often set an amount of money they require in order to let that person leave jail before the trial. This amount is called “bail.” Once the defendant appears in court for trial, the bail is returned to the person who posted bail initially. This money is meant to ensure that the person is more likely to appear for his or her court date.

Why are Bail Bonds Helpful?

Many countries do not have bail systems. In some cases, whether the crime was serious or minor, the defendant is forced to sit in jail until trial. During this time, the defendant is away from home, unable to work or help take care of family.

While being arrested is never good, the secondary impacts of potentially losing a job or family members suffering while waiting for trial is even greater. This is especially true if the case is ruled in favor of the defendant when it goes to trial. The defendant may have lost everything when they are released after trial. With no job, he or she is left in a vulnerable position that often leads to more problems, perpetuating a cycle that could have been avoided.

Bail bonds are helpful by allowing people who might not be able to afford bail to be released from jail to continue working and living. Many bail bond companies, like 24/7 Bail Bonds of Georgia are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer payment plans so to help, as well.

Bail Bondsmen Help Family, Too!

When a friend or family member has been arrested, it is usually up to their loved ones to pay the bail amount. Many have never had to deal with the courts before and don’t know how to handle the bail bonds process. This is where a licensed bail bond agent can help!

Bail bonds services help families who are unable to pay the bail outright or who do not have property for collateral. Surety bonds are the most common way that friends and family members are able to bail out defendants so that they can continue living their lives before their trial.

We have heard stories of spouses and ex-spouses who needed the defendant to be able to work and continue to support children. Without a bail bond agency, these women would have lost the help they so desperately needed to care for their children.

We Are Here for You

If you or a loved one has been arrested and you worry about how to manage paying bail, call 24/7 Bail Bonds. We are here for you to help you stay on your feet and make it through this difficult time. Our licensed bail bonds agents are standing by 24/7 serving 10 counties in Southeast Georgia with fast, courteous service. Don’t wait; call now.