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Bail is the amount required to be paid to have someone released from jail until their mandated court date. A judge or court official decides upon this amount. Often this amount is far too high for any of us to pay in full, upfront; these are the circumstances where a bail bonds company can help.

What are Bail Bonds?

To regain freedom before a criminal or civil defendant must appear in court, a bail bond acts as a surety contract provided by a bail bonds company. The bail bond agreement states that the bail bonds company is liable for the full court-ordered bail amount and guarantees that the defendant will appear in all of their court proceedings. Bailed-out suspects commonly must comply with “conditions of release.” If the defendant does not show up for their mandated court date or pay the necessary fees, the court may keep the bail and issue a warrant for arrest.

What is a bail bondsman?

A bail bondsman acts as a third party, covering the cost of getting your loved one, the defendant, out of jail as quickly as possible. This bail bond is an agreement between the defendant and the court that the defendant will return for every court date. 

The Bonding Process in Georgia

Before contacting a bail bond agent, you must gather some information. Such information includes the arrested person’s full name, date of birth, arrest charges, the location of the jail, as well as the bail amount. While a bail bonds company can cover the cost of bail, there are initial fees that you will be responsible for. The bail bondsman and the county charge these fees, and you can ask your bail bondsman the fee amount before you enter into a contract. 

It is never guaranteed that someone may be released from jail quickly. Every county jail is different and operates according to its size, number of staff and inmates, and how busy they are at the time. However, having a trusted bail bondsman speak on your behalf may release your loved one sooner. Bail bond agents in their line of work often build relationships with jails and may assist in speeding up someone’s release with the bail bonds process.

Obligations Upon Release

Once someone’s bail has been posted, they can return home until their future court date. They may also be required to pay/complete other monetary fees and/or items depending on the severity of the charges against them, whether or not they are a first-time offender, etc.

The person released from jail must fully understand what is expected of them from the judge and in court. While all of this can seem scary and confusing, an expert in the bonding process is there to help you clearly understand it all. Bail bond professionals have worked in the legal industry for a long time and understand all of the necessary procedures that should take place.

Instead of trying to decipher confusing jargon and lengthy paperwork on your own, which can cost you time and energy, use the professional aid of an expert. Bail bonds experts make the bail process smoother and allow for the defendant to find freedom faster which makes it all worthwhile in the long run.

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If you have further questions about the bail bond process, please read our informative FAQ page.